About Glove Patterns

Apr 23, 2011   //   Resource Guide

Clute Pattern

A glove sewn with seams on the back of the glove at every finger and straight thumb.

Gunn Pattern

Gunn pattern is manufactured with fully wrapped fingers and thumbs, while the palm side is a separate glove pattern which is sewn at the base of the middle two fingers. This cut allows flexibility with the seam at the natural crease of the fingers and the seamless back affords greater comfort. The finger seams being away from the work area help the glove to last longer. gloves feature fully-wrapped leather index fingers and thumbs, leather fingertips, leather knuckle straps, wing thumb design, shirred elastic back and continuous pull. Their open cuff design allows the wearer easy on/off. These are usually generously sized.

Clute pattern refers to gloves with a roomy comfortable fit and seams along every finger and the thumb, down the back of the glove. The palm and bottom of the fingers is covered with one piece of material and no seams on the palm side of the glove.


A single seam is used around the entire periphery of the glove and a separate cuff is sewn on as the last step. Reversible styling enables the wearer to wear the glove on either hand.

Thumb Patterns

There are three types of thumbs used in gloves:

  • Keystone Thumb, an inset thumb on full leather glove patterns. Keystone thumbs provide additional wear and greater comfort.
  • Straight Thumb, a glove thumb that normally lies straight with the index finger. They are common in most fabric gloves and drivers’ gloves.
  • Wing Thumb, glove construction that angles the thumb diagonally across  the palm. Frequently found in leather palm gloves, wing thumbs improve comfort similar to inset thumb designs.